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  • Author: METRO Office EU Affairs

News from Brussels / Week 10-18 April 2017

Last week the EU took note about the referendum results in Turkey pointing to the alleged irregularities. The business investment in the euro area is on the rise, amounting to 23,5% . EFSA reported that pesticide residues constitute little risk for consumers in the European Union. MEPs adopted a report on food waste unanimously in the ENVI Commiittee. Copa-Cocega and other stakeholders welcomed the Commission’s protein balance sheet.

# The EU takes a cautious stance regarding the referendum results in Turkey due to alleged irregularities

 A joint statement released by the EU reads as follows: "We take note of the reported results of the referendum in Turkey on the amendments to the Constitution, adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 21 January 2017. We are awaiting the assessment of the OSCE/ODIHR International Observation Mission, also with regard to alleged irregularities. The constitutional amendments, and especially their practical implementation, will be assessed in light of Turkey's obligations as a European Union candidate country and as a member of the Council of Europe (…).

Press release (Commission)

#METRO Cash & Carry in Turkey

Since 1990 METRO Wholesale & Food Specialist Company is operating in Turkey with today 35 METRO Cash & Carry stores. Despite difficult economical and political conditions we are offering our customers products and services with sustainable quality. We are monitoring the economic and political developments in Turkey carefully but we stay committed towards customers and employees and still expect better prospects for Turkey in the future. We follow closely the modernization of the EU-Turkey customs union and are looking forward to an interesting debate on the topic next week at the European Parliament.

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EP - Lunch debate on the Modernization of the EU-Turkey Customs Union 26/4/2017

# The business investment rate in the euro area rose to 23.5%

In the fourth quarter of 2016, the business investment rate was 23.5% in the euro area, compared with 22.0% in the previous quarter.
The business profit share in the euro area was 41.0% in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared with 40.7% in the third quarter of 2016.

Press release (Commission)

# The European Union is free of pesticide residues according to EFSA

Food consumed in the European Union continues to be largely free of pesticide residues or to contain residues that fall within legal limits, new figures show. The latest monitoring report published by EFSA reveals that more than 97% of food samples collected across the EU in 2015 were within legal limits, with just over 53% free of quantifiable residues. The figures are in line with those recorded in 2014.

Press release (EFSA)

# Environment MEPs take action for an annual cut of 88 million tonnes of food waste by 2030

Environment MEPs put forward a number of possible measures to cut the EU 88 million tonnes per year food waste by half by 2030 on Tuesday. MEPs called on the European Commission to lift existing restrictions on food donations and stressed a solution is needed for the confusion created for many consumers by the “best before” and “use by” labelling

Press release (European Parliament)
Here you can find METROs position on #foodwaste

# Stakeholders welcomed the protein balance sheet 2015/2016 published by the European Commission

The European Commission published for the first time on April 10 a comprehensive EU protein balance sheet. The EU protein balance sheet 2015/2016 is an overview of total EU production, consumption and trade of all marketable sources of proteins used in animal feed production. Reacting to the publication, COCERAL, Copa-Cogeca, FEDIOL and FEFAC appreciated the Commission  efforts  to  develop  a  dedicated,  independent  tool  to  monitor  the  balance  of demand  and  availability  of  protein  crops  in  the  EU, which  will  contribute  to  market transparency and help operators to better understand market developments.

Balance sheet (Commission)

next week......

The Committee of Regions ENVE Committee will hold a debate with Commissioner Vella about Energy Union governance and energy efficiency. EP ITRE Committee will vote on the energy efficiencly labelling text agreed during the trialogues. The draft report on longer lifetime for products will be adopted in the EP IMCO Committee meeting. Environment Ministers will have an informal meeting.

METRO Office EU Affairs

Information about the author

METRO Office EU Affairs is the team in the Representative Office of METRO AG in Brussels. Brussels@metro.de