28 Oct 2019  

Gastro-Policy-Talk at the wine route

Enjoyment is not a matter of course. How to create the wine route of the future?

With the "Gastro-Policy-Talk", METRO offers a comprehensive dialogue and information platform in which the right use of digitisation for day-to-day business, human resources, purchasing, marketing and other services is thematised by discussing the pros and cons of each topic. This time the event takes place at the wine route of Germany in Deidesheim.

Overview of the guests

Follow the link for the summary of the event: Enjoyment is not a matter of course

Above all, one thing is connected with the wine route: pure enjoyment. From the small inn to the star kitchen, the region offers a variety of fine wines and well-known specialties.

However, this pleasure is not a matter of course: Skills shortage and a variety of regulations have become a serious severe test for the catering industry. At the same time, guests are calling for sustainable products, more transparency and digital comfort - the gastronomy is between constant adaptation and reinvention. What do these challenges mean for the gastronomy at the wine route? Which solutions stand out for the popular region and what demands do restaurateurs have from politics?

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