18 Nov 2019  

Gastro-Policy-Talk at Elbmarsch

Elbmarsch - the beautiful country side around Hamburg. How can the gastronomy and hotel business have a part on the boom of the Hamburg metropolitan region?

With the "Gastro-Policy-Talk", METRO offers a comprehensive dialogue and information platform in which the right use of digitisation for day-to-day business, human resources, purchasing, marketing and other services is thematised by discussing the pros and cons of each topic. This time the event takes place at Elbmarsch.

Overview of the event

Follow the link for the summary of the event: Gastro-Policy-Talk in Elbmarsch

With its beautiful river and green landscapes and the proximity to Hamburg and Lueneburg, the Elbmarsch attracts many tourists every year. Along the dikes you will find idyllic villages, red-covered roofs rise up and sheep graze along the green paths. Both cyclists and hikers can enjoy the country side to the fullest. A true paradise for nature lovers and for friends of the good taste.

Despite benefitting from tourism, the gastronomy is also facing great challenges here. How to deal with a constant lack of staff, inhibiting red-tape and the change towards more digitisation? Not least of all, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg also attracts many tourists with culinary delights and attractions. How can the Elbmarsch be better connected to the metropolitan city and provide small businesses with more benefits from the infrastructure and the public transportation? How can politics contribute to this? Together with our guests we want to debate on how to improve the conditions for the Elbmarsch region.


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