01 Apr 2019  

Gastro-Policy-Talk Island Talk on Usedom

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Follow the link for the summary of the event: Gastro-Policy-Talk Island Talk on Usedom

With the "Gastro-Policy-Talk", METRO offers a comprehensive dialogue and information platform in which the right use of digitization for day-to-day business, human resources, purchasing, marketing and other services is thematised by discussing the pros and cons of each topic.

Using digitization sensibly will be a great help for owner-managed gastronomy. The doors to digital instruments are not only open to large catering chains. Starting from free introductory offers to building on more comprehensive control programs right up to complete business administration tools, smaller gastronomy can counter competitive pressure and create free space for themselves. Together, we want to explore the political approaches to support the restaurant and catering industry in coping with these challenges.

We are looking forward to a lively panel discussion at Akzent Hotel Kaliebe. On the podium awaits you i.a. Dr. Stefan Rudolph, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; Tobias Woitendorf, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Communications Tourism Association MV; Torsten Haasch, Managing Director Chamber of Commerce and industry Neubrandenburg; Krister Hennige, Chairman of the regional association Ostvorpommern as well as Gastro-Pirat and moderator René Kaplick.

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