17 Mar 2019  

Gastro-Policy-Talk INTERNORGA 2019

Panel discussion at INTERNORGA

Follow the link for the summary of the event: Preserving the diversity of the hospitality sector

With the "Gastro-Policy-Talk" on the occasion of INTERNORGA, METRO creates a platform that offers room for questions, such as: How do we imagine the future restaurant landscape? What can and should politicians do to keep small-sized restaurateurs up to date with the latest trends? What role do business partners play?

Many challenges drive the restaurateurs in their daily routine. The preservation of gastronomic diversity in Germany requires comprehensive support. Together with our partners and guests, we are taking the first step in the right direction.

We are looking forward to a lively panel discussion in the new top location of Hannes Schröder "What we really LOVE". On the podium awaits you i.a. Wolfgang Kubicki, MdB; Guido Zöllick, President DEHOGA Federal Association; Star chef Tim Raue and of course the METRO Germany management board Thomas Storck and Thomas Klein.

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