22 Apr 2020  

13th Brussels Wednesday Social

European Co-operation in Action: the EU Single Market as the avenue to recovery

As the virus COVID-19 spreads through our continent, the EU response needs to be based on its founding principles of solidarity, openness, and the free exchange of goods and ideas.

13th Brussels Wednesday Social

The EU’s Single Market, and the 4 freedoms that underpin it, are one of the greatest and most appreciated achievements of our Union. This common market of over 400 million allows Europeans to travel, live and trade across the EU, providing them with rights and protections. It is built on the pillars of common interest and mutual trust.

This online version of the Wednesday Social will bring together business, EU officials, government representatives and trade unions to discuss how the EU can make the most of the tools that the Single Market affords it and how to strengthen and improve it so it continues to provide benefits to EU members states and European citizens throughout this crisis and beyond.

You can register for the online event here.

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