08 Jul 2020  

14th Brussels Wednesday Social

Recover & Rebuild: Strengthening Europe in a time of Crisis

The current pandemic has confronted Europe with the risk of a considerable economic downturn. This real and present danger has led many to argue for a coordinated and substantial recovery package, that will allow EU member states, companies and citizens to weather the storm.

14th Brussels Wednesdasy Social

The debate has become polarized and agreement on the size, type and financing of that package remains elusive. Nevertheless, unless the EU acts in a coordinate manner and is able to respond decisively to the challenge ahead, the consequences can be dire for all.

With a variety of proposals on the table, this event will explore what is the best way to ensure that the EU’s response is proportional to the current crisis and appropriate for the circumstances EU member states face.

It will bring together EU institutions, member states and stakeholders in an effort to find common ground so the EU is able to rise to the occasion and put in place the necessary measures to shield itself from the economic down turn and build the foundations for financial, fiscal and monetary stability in the years to come.

This time the podium is represented by Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy, European Commission; Clotilde Armand MEP, Committee on Budgets, European Parliament, Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board, METRO AG and will be moderated by Joe Lynam, Presenter, BBC.

For more information and to register online please visit Brussels Wednesday Social.

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