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  • Author: METRO Office EU Affairs

Geographical indication products in Turkey

Turkey has a great potential in terms of geographical indication products with its ecological structure and deep-rooted culture. METRO Turkey believes that geographical indication products not only support rural development and sustainable agriculture, but also enrich our product range. Therefore we launched our Geographical Indication Products Project in 2012.

Geographical indications are quality indications that guarantee the source of product, the characteristics of the product, and the link between the product and the geographical area for the consumers. The purpose of the registration of geographical indication products is to ensure that products with a certain reputation depending on the geographical features in that area are preserved. For example, "Taşköprü" for garlic, "Kars" for kashkaval cheese, and "Afyon" for clotted cream are a sign of quality. The registration of geographical indication products protects the quality characteristics of products with historical background produced by specific and traditional production methods at certain geographic boundaries.

In order to enrich the palate range by maintaining the local values of Turkey and to ensure sustainability, METRO Turkey launched the Geographical Indication Products Project in 2012. With this project, it was aimed to support the local product suppliers and bring the forgotten products back to daylight. Another goal was to increase customer satisfaction by offering these products to METRO customers.

Thanks to this project, more than 60 products, which are in danger of disappearing, have been embraced. Today, many METRO stores in Turkey and in Europe have more than 60 products with geographical indication registration from Aydın figs to Diyarbakır watermelon, and Taşköprü garlic to Finike oranges. With their quality and taste, these products enrich the kitchens of our customers which are mainly composed of professionals. It is also ensured that the world's leading businesses and chefs also experience and prefer Turkey's geographical indication products.

A short video of the project

Various awareness raising efforts are being conducted in order to increase the awareness related to these products. Local producers are provided with trainings on how to get more efficiency from their products, how to keep the seeds and food safety, and are ensured to produce in international standards. These products are sent to METRO's global markets to increase awareness, which in return makes a significant contribution to the country's economy through export revenue.

The Geographical Indication Products Project received "Company with Highest Contribution to Geographical Indication Publicity Award" for the first time in 2016 from the Turkish Patent Institute, the only institution in Turkey authorized to issue registration certificates for industrial and property rights.

METRO Office EU Affairs

Information about the author

METRO Office EU Affairs is the team in the Representative Office of METRO AG in Brussels. Brussels@metro.de