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Position: Geoblocking


Online or offline – not always the same – but should be fair to consumers & retailers

EuroCommerce published a position on the geoblocking proposal of the European Commission. Retailers, both online and brick & mortar, need to be able to determine the geographic area for their operations, including deliveries. Retailers should be free to determine if they sell online and when they do, which area they want to serve. In a store retailers sell to anyone who is legally and financially able to buy.
Online retailers should not refuse to sell to anyone who offers to buy and has the legal financial capability to do so and who is willing to accept delivery in the normal delivery area. Retailers should deliver to anyone within their freely defined delivery area. Retailers should be free to determine prices they want to according to competitive criteria and considering local currency, taxes, consumer buying power and willingness to pay, etc. This means that prices can be different online (on main page and local websites) and offline (in stores in the same town, country or across the EU). However, consumers must be treated fairly: everyone buying from any location should be charged the same price. Read more