7 June 2019

“We are asked to Explain our Business a lot more than we used to.”

Interview with Maria Heider on the outcome of the European Elections 2019

The results of the European Parliament election are in, and the topics of the next five years are up for debate. An interview with Maria Heider, Director Public Policy Europe at METRO, about the significance of the elections for retail and wholesale, METROs promise to its customers and her hopes in the EU Parliament.

Illustration of the European Elections 2019

From 23.-26. May 2019, EU citizens voted. Even if the final result is not certain yet, one thing is for sure: the 2019 European elections were a huge success for European democracy! With more than 50% votes, the highest turnout for over 20 years in EU elections has been achieved. And the increased fear in votes for anti-European parties has not occurred except for a few countries.

On what topics will the EU policy focus now? How will the newly-elected MEPs deal with their mandate? Who will be the head of the EU-Commission in the future? What do the elections mean for commerce?


Many questions to which Maria Heider takes a stand. You can read the interview on the online edition of the METRO Magazine MPULSE.

About ... Maria Heider

Maria Heider joined METRO AG in 2015 as the Director Public Policy Europe. She manages our office in Brussels. Recently, Maria also took over the responsibility for our Berlin office and our German policy. Maria has many years of experience in the Federal Ministry of Finance, the German Parliament and the European Commission.

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