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  • Author: METRO Office EU Affairs

Your online questions and comments prior to the event

Janis A. Emmanouilidis , 8 November 2017, Brussels Wednesday Social


8 November 2017 
Concert Noble
Aarlenstraat/Rue d‘Arlon 82
B-1040 Brussels
Doors open 18:30, start: 19:00

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Europe is facing a multitude of challenges such as Brexit, the rise of nationalism and new (extremist) parties, institutional reforms, the future of the euro, migration and digitisation – just to name a few. There is intense debate about the future of Europe and answers are needed. 

One of our main hopes is to bring together people from different areas to hear their different perspectives and learn from each other. This means, your opinion is particularly important for us. Together with you, we want to actively participate actively in the political and social dialogue.

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During the discussion with Janis A. Emmanouilidis, our moderator, Joe B. Lynam from the BBC, will refer to the comments and questions voiced here.

You can also debate on Twitter with the hashtag #WSBRU.
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Theses by Janis A. Emmanouilidis / 8th Wednesday Social Brussels

Thesis 1: The poly-crisis has not been fully overcome and the EU is not yet ‘future proof’ given that many structural reforms have stalled.

Thesis 2: The EU has been remarkably resilient in the face of the forces of disintegration, and there is now even a new sense of optimism about its future.

Thesis 3: The EU27 should exploit the current window of opportunity – there is no time to lose given that it is neither very big nor expected to remain open for very long.

Thesis 4: Europe must not be re-invented, it must be re-energised. European cooperation is not an ideology, it is unavoidable in an interdependent and uncertain regional and global environment.

Thesis 5: The make the EU ‘storm proof’, to restore and consolidate trust, and to regain citizens’ confidence, the EU27 should agree on a ‘win-win package deal’ covering the economic/social, migration and security dimension.

Thesis 6: A bargain in the economic and social dimension needs to strike a fair balance between the ‘responsibility and competitiveness camp’ and the ‘solidarity and caring camp’.

Thesis 7: With respect to migration, the deal needs to reflect security and solidarity concerns to enhance the notion of a protective Europe while avoiding the pitfalls of a fortress Europe.

Thesis 8: External and internal security cooperation could be an important factor in helping to coalesce an overall bargain between the EU27.

Thesis 9: Progress will require differentiation, with different groups of member states intensifying cooperation in different policy fields. But differentiation should be guided by functional imperatives and not by a desire to create a closed ‘core Europe’ (Kerneuropa).

Thesis 10: Reforms will require a strong impetus from an inclusive Franco-German initiative, which has to consider the views of other member states and leave ample room for partners to contribute.

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