Author: Metro Team

A European Manifesto for Gastronomy

16 December 2020

You are one million restaurateurs facing great challenges. Stay strong. You are there for us – we will be there for you!

Gastronomy in the crisis

A European Manifesto for Gastronomy

You provide the best ingredients for unforgettable moments with friends and family.

You are a substantial part of our identity as Europeans.

Your dishes are our cultural ambassadors.

You make Europe a fascinating destination for travelers.

You make us feel at home, while allowing us to discover other worlds.

You spice up our lives with joy and passion.

You comfort us in difficult moments.

You give cities and towns across Europe a distinctive face.

You keep us connected.

You offer opportunities for people from the most diverse backgrounds.

You make local economies strong and contribute to Europe’s economic success.

A European Manifesto for Gastronomy