#ThisTimeImVoting: For a strong Europe and a functioning Single Market

22 May 2019
METRO AG has participated in several campaigns to highlight importance of Europe for prosperity and stability ahead of the elections to the EU Parliament

In the run-up to the European elections on 23-26 May, with Brexit and rising tensions in the EU member states and globally in the background, METRO AG together with many European organisations and companies have decided to take a stand and show their commitment with a strong Europe and a functioning single market.

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In addition to the citizens’ dialogue with the German Foreign Office in our headquarters in Düsseldorf and the active support for the Democracy Alive Festival in Texel, METRO has participated in the campaigns of the German Federation for Food Industry (BVE-BLL), the Network European Movement Germany (EBD) and European Movement International (EMI). Their objective is to showcase through personal testimonies the importance of the EU for democracy and prosperity in the continent as well as for the welfare of our societies. Moreover, citizens are at the core of these campaigns aiming at encouraging civil society’s dialogue and participation in the European elections, too.

With its involvement, METRO AG takes a clear stand for a strong European Union and against populist protectionism and nationalism. A global, cosmopolitan company, METRO has its foundation in Europe, home of over 9 million customers and 80.000 employees in 15 member states. And its achievements need to be defended, today more than ever!

Statement Olaf Koch

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In words of Olaf Koch: “METRO is a global company with its foundation in Europe, where it reaches over 9 million customers across 15 EU member states which are birthplace for 80.000 of our employees. Just like our customers – restaurants, hotels, caterers and independent grocers – our business can only thrive in a peaceful and stable environment. For this, the European Union and the Single Market have been both preconditions as well as guarantors, providing a framework to grow and succeed.(...)

(...) However, in recent years it has unfortunately revealed inability to act on internal and external matters. Achievements that have been taken for granted – democracy as well as free movement of people, goods, services and capital – now need our attention and defence. While reforming the EU is needed and the respective criticism is important, it shall not lead to the erosion nor rejection of our community and values. This would pave the way back to a nation-state mentality likely to weaken Europe. One of its consequences is protectionism, which has become a reality and undermines the Single Market. While empowerment is protection, populist protectionism is the opposite. Europe must act united to attain progress – for people and business.