Ready for Take-off

20 April 2018
Our start-up shelves are ready to take-off! NX-FOOD, Eurowings and Retail inMotion focus on new food trends

NX-FOOD the hub for innovative food solutions of METRO launched a new cooperation with the airline company Eurowings and the in-flight service provider Retail inMotion to bring new food products to Eurowings passengers.

Up to four start-ups will be able present their products to customers in the “Wings Bistro Magazine” of Eurowings for a three-month test-listing and in case of successful trial, these products will get permanently listed.

You may submit your application at The jury will consist of representatives from NX-FOOD, Eurowings and Retail inMotion.

The first batch of start-up products will become available on Eurowings flights already in August 2018.

NX-FOOD - Next Generation Food hub is responsible for business development of new food solutions and concepts in the wholesale, retail and hospitality sectors. In the framework of its “Start-up Shelf” initiative, start-ups are already given access to selected wholesale stores of METRO Cash & Carry and Real hypermarkets to test their innovative products in a three-month market trial.


Eager to promote innovative food to the wider audience, we offer our NX-FOOD startups an access to more than 2.000.000 passengers on around 20.000 of Eurowings flights within over 50 countries every month.

Clément Tischer, Program Manager at NX-FOOD.