Author: Metro Team

Digitization - Let's Make it Happen

15 February 2017
Innovative ideas for the hospitality sector

The digitization megatrend is turning our lives and our markets on their heads. The wave of modernisation triggered by the digital revolution has rocked every single economic sector. Every sector except hospitality, that is.

Digitization in the hospitality sector - mission impossible?

Most businesses here are still doing almost everything by hand and on paper. It is an industry of beer mats, not of iPads. But how can digital solutions be used in the hospitality industry to improve the customer experience? And better yet, how can digital solutions create added value for restaurant owners and hoteliers? Our video uses the example of three innovative start-ups to demonstrate how METRO’s hotel, restaurant and catering customers can benefit from the many advantages offered by digital solutions for the hospitality sector. It also shows how METRO is looking to digitization to develop new, forward-looking business opportunities.