Celebrate Independent Business Owners

09 October 2018
METRO celebrates the "Own Business Day 2018" and presents the results from its international Own Business Study.

For the third time, METRO’s Own Business Day (OBD) has focused on the performance of its customers who, as independent business owners, are constantly bringing new ideas, services, offers and perspectives to our neighbourhoods. The recent international OBD study commissioned by METRO examines the challenges that life as an independent business owner entails.

METRO celebrates customers at OWN BUSINESS DAY

As METRO, we aspire to be the “Champion for Independent Business”. Against this background, METRO initiated the Own Business Day two years ago – a day dedicated to independent business owners, their passion and their achievements. On 9 October, we celebrate all this in 25 countries in which METRO is active as a wholesale company, together with our 21 million customers, most of whom come from the restaurant and retail sectors.

Small and medium-sized enterprises generate more than every second euro in Germany. According to the study “Wirtschaftsmotor Mittelstand” (“SMEs, economic driving force”) published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, they account for well over half of all jobs. So it is no exaggeration to say that independent business owners are the backbone of the economy.


With this day, we want to show our appreciation to all independent business owners worldwide.

Philippe Palazzi, Chief Operating Officer of METRO AG

A free dessert after dinner, an extra night at the hotel during your next holiday or an additional service when visiting your favourite hairdresser – more than 370,000 specials are offered worldwide. All of these are available for customers on the central platform www.own-business-day.com on 9 October.

The Own Business Day has gained in reach in each of the three years of its existence. It is a central component and shows our aspiration to be the ‘Champion for Independent Business’: We are successful when our customers are successful in their business.

Philippe Palazzi

International METRO study on independent business

To learn even more about the challenges faced by self-employed professionals in the various phases of their business lives, METRO has commissioned another international survey. 10,000 individuals in 10 countries – including Germany – were surveyed: What consumers around the world think about independent businesses, how independent business owners assess their own experiences, how public policies can assist self-employed individuals and what else is needed to support them.

The insights gained help representatives from business, politics and civil society to better understand independent business owners and to work out how they can be supported in a sustainable manner as a strong force in any economy.

METRO Own Business Study One-Pager
METRO Own Business Study One-Pager